Alex Foessel

Title: Internet of Agriculture

alex.jpgAbstract: The way to begin to examine the impact that IoT can have on agriculture, is just take a minute to imagine all things within a farming operation connected to each other. Machines, semis, grain elevator, individual seed bags, barns, trucks, weather stations, and even some plants. Just like your toothbrush talked to your coffeemaker, now your bag of seed can talk to your planter, and your combine can talk directly to the grain elevator. Imagine a simple scenario where grain elevators are connected to all combines, and they can send real-time bids to your Intelligent Combine directly telling it what level of material other than grain is acceptable and what grain quality will result in optimal grain price. Concurrently, your combine can monitor the lines at the grain elevators and provide the operator with recommendations about the optimal time to dispatch the semi to avoid wait times. The importance in imagining these scenarios is they are not far away.


Alex works for Deere & Company, s Director for the Latin America Technology Innovation Center (Brazil), focused of innovations for the agricultural, forestry and construction customers in Latin America. Before that, he was located in Germany responsible for the market launch of a consumer autonomous mower for European markets. Previously, Alex in various roles of technology development, technology planning, and advanced marketing. Alex earned a PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, (USA), and previously Industrial Engineering, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Catolica (Chile). He grew up in the Chilean Patagonia. During his spare time, he helps running a family cattle ranching and tourism operations in that remote area.